Implantaten laten zetten.

let put implants. How does it work?

An implant is a type of screw or a plastic root that is placed at the spot where earlier the tooth root was located. Then a crown, bridge or denture posted here. Read on to discover what an implant is and how it is put.

What are dental implants?

can cause damage to the teeth over the years. The biggest culprits are careless teeth, smoking, drinking coffee, eating sugar or age. There may, teeth damage the gums. Each tooth is located in the teeth with a tooth root.

When there is damage to the tooth root – that it has become inflamed example – you can choose to have them removed. Also have unhealthy teeth are sometimes removed, in most cases, the root is also removed.

A dental implant is a replacement of the root. This may be made of titanium a small screw. In this case, always choose an agent who accepts the body. Over time there is new bone and gums and growing dental implant, as it were.

Waarom dental implants?

Dental implants are functional and will last for years. Basically, they are just as strong or even stronger than the roots that you have or had. It is important to keep maintained dental implants, like you do on natural teeth.

A dental implant is put to place a crown, bridge or denture. A crown is just one tooth, while at a bridge several teeth which are stuck together. When dentures replace all or several teeth at once.

Dental implants and dentures

You can not get out and have dentures. This is anything but pleasant at first, but once you are used to it, it is all that bad.

There are several types of dentures, which we will discuss two. So you can choose a loose dentures that – that you can check and remove. The disadvantage of these dentures is that they do not fit on one point causing pain.

In addition, we make use of dentures stuck in the mouth. This is fixed by means of dental implants, making the denture fits properly and remains tasty. The big advantage is that you will not experience pain.

Learn more about dentures with dental implants? Why not pay a visit to one ‘s put implants .

How to put an implant?

An oral surgeon and dental implantologist work together to put an implant. Along with the oral surgeon and dental implantologist you hear only what is intended. Then the implants are placed and it takes about six to twelve weeks until the bone has grown again and you careless of your teeth can use.

An implant is very small – about 4 millimeters and 10-16 millimeters long. It is set in advance using a local anesthetic. After the implants have grown, you can have a set of dentures, crown or bridge.

Take the time to find a suitable dentist. Look for a dentist that you feel comfortable with. The costs play an important role since the show placing implants costly. Note not only the cost – because it comes to your health.

Add to this contact your health insurance to see if costs could be reimbursed. This varies by insurer and depending on the package chosen. Possibly it is wise to adjust the insurance first before you leave the place implants.

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